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Hello. I am Karin Schrijvers, the writer, photographer and creator behind Bubble + Sprout. When I am not writing or taking pictures, you may find me leading workshops on mindful minimalism, teaching yoga to individuals and groups, or spending conscious quality time with my family in London.

This blog is a platform for me to share my experiences, reflections and learnings around small living, mindful practices and being a mother.

I have always considered myself a writer. In fact, writing seems to run in my blood. My grandfather, father and brother are published authors, and, to top it all off, our Belgian surname literally means ‘writers’.

For many years, I translated other people’s words for a living. This blog offers me my own platform to write creatively in support of a more sustainable, positive and simple family life. If you too are passionate about living more intentionally, this might just be the place for you to find inspiration.

In the first year of the blog, I managed to publish just over one article per month. My current target is an average of one article every fortnight. I you don’t want to miss out and would like to encourage me to keep my promise, make sure to subscribe by entering your email in the margin on the right.


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