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Anger Modelling

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Here’s what our daughter shared with me during our little chat the other day: But mama, you NEVER get angry!

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Meal Rhythm

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A few months ago it became very clear that our kids have reached a picky eater stage. Especially our 8 year old. Although I am preparing myself for the same to happen with our 6 year old a few years from now.

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Picnic Parenting

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In collaboration with HERE for you for them

When the kids don’t want to brush their teeth before bed and we are tired and ready for me time, the easiest solution often seems to raise our voice and loose our cool. Or is it?

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Slow Dance

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To do or to be? That truly is a recurring question.
Do Be Do Be Do… Like a catchy Sinatra tune we cannot shake. Eternally on repeat on the turntable that is our mind.

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Kindred Ritual

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In collaboration with HERE for you for them

We live in a world that offers endless possibilities for us to compare ourselves to others. But do we as parents really help our children by modelling comparison as a coping strategy?

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