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Maternal Wellbeing

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Motherhood doesn’t do rational. Nor does it respond well to logic. The instinctive drive to raise healthy, independent adult human beings is sewn deep into the human psyche. Yet when we overstretch the fabric of motherhood, we may cause our instinct to wear thin.

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Compulsory Simplicity

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The past months of compulsory social minimalism have given our family another nudge towards appreciating the abundant beauty that is simple living.

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Lockdown Spring 2020 Yoga Sessions

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These live sessions have stopped for now. I promise to let you know when they resume!

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King Coronavirus

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Written by guest writer Tom Driscoll, aka my 7-year-old son

I wrote this letter to King Coronavirus because in school I had read Malala’s Magic Pencil by Malala Yousafzai. When Malala was a child, she wished for a magic pencil, so that if she drew or wrote something it would become the truth. She wished for a better life without war. I wish for the coronavirus to stop.

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Plenty Enough

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We listen to an audio book about tidying up while we shop for more. We book a yoga retreat away from everything and everyone on our way to meet with friends after work. We subscribe to a meditation app yet cannot find the time to use it.

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