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Inner Calm

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We all experience stress. And while some stress can actually be positive, too much stress can negatively impact both our mental and physical wellbeing. The good news is that mindful awareness practices, such as yoga and meditation, can help calm our body’s stress response.

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Ping Pong

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Ping and Pong. Send and Receive. Serve and Return. All word pairs that express the beautiful balance between giving and taking.

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Brain Architect

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In collaboration with HERE for you for them

Our kids’ earliest experiences play an essential part in the construction of their brain architecture. It is at this stage that the foundation for lifelong physical and mental health is laid down. But what about the architecture of the parents’ brains? Can we still make structural changes or do some rewiring for our own wellbeing?

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Anger Modelling

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Here’s what our daughter shared with me during our little chat the other day: But mama, you NEVER get angry!

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Meal Rhythm

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A few months ago it became very clear that our kids have reached a picky eater stage. Especially our 8 year old. Although I am preparing myself for the same to happen with our 6 year old a few years from now.

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