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Uniform Praise

Capsule wardrobes are gaining momentum. Hurrah for that. It’s about time our obsession with fast fashion wakes up to the horrible reality of the people who make the cheap clothes and the terrible waste impacting our environment. But for now, I’d like to remain focused on why a capsule wardrobe truly deserves to be popular.

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Clear the Clutter

I am a minimalist. Perhaps you are too?

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Sharing Matters

The art of sharing is a very useful minimalist tool in any home. After all, why should every single member of a family own something when it can be shared? The Graeae, or sisters of the Gorgons, in Greek mythology took this art to its very extreme in their household.

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Curbside Castle

My husband, daughter, son and I share a 1970s modernist maisonette in the heart of London. Our floor space measures some 900 square feet. In addition to using the space for family living, my husband and I both work out of our home on a part-time basis.

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Light Winter Weekend

Last week was my daughter’s school half-term holiday. In Belgium we call this Crocus Holiday. Sounds so much more welcoming to the arrival of spring, don’t you think? And we were most certainly treated to an early taste of spring this year! Sunshine and blue skies galore at the Kent seaside, where we spent 3 nights during the break.

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Family Portrait


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