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Kindred Ritual

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We live in a world that offers endless possibilities for us to compare ourselves to others. But do we as parents really help our children by modelling comparison as a coping strategy?

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Elegant Strength

I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother… I am a woman.
And this feels like the season to celebrate all of our distinctly feminine qualities. It is time for our daughters and our sons to be inspired by and proud of their own inherently feminine strengths.

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Humble Leadership

“Movement follows breath.” A classic yoga teacher statement. But does it express what is happening on the yoga mat for most of us? What part does the mind play in this setup? Does it simply withdraw and watch the intuitive breath lead the body’s movement? Or does it constantly try to control the breath and command the body?

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All Ears

I’ve been doing a little experiment lately: Every time one of the children chooses to confide in me, I do my utmost best to remain all ears. This simple mindfulness test has turned out to be more challenging than I had initially anticipated, yet also more rewarding.

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Still Chaos

Our kids are at an age where they can endlessly enjoy full-on creative play. (Long may it last!) Usually, our 6-year old imagines herself a school teacher, a mother or a vet with all of the required outfit changes, appointments and diary writings. Our 4-year old, on the other hand, is currently all about construction toys.

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Family Portrait


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