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Still Chaos

Our kids are at an age where they can endlessly enjoy full-on creative play. (Long may it last!) Usually, our 6-year old imagines herself a school teacher, a mother or a vet with all of the required outfit changes, appointments and diary writings. Our 4-year old, on the other hand, is currently all about construction toys.

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Creative Boredom

My sister and I have independently developed the exact same morning ritual. We get up early, brew ourselves a cup of something (coffee for her; tea for me) and take it outside – rain or shine. This allows us a moment to simply be with our thoughts.

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Love Whispers

We are rapidly approaching Valentine’s Day. Or so the ruby red shop displays would have us believe. This post does not endorse the commercial hype surrounding February 14. It is simply a reminder of the honest beauty of telling our children that we love them.

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Family Portrait


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