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Imperfectly Perfect

A week ago my relatives were on a train to us in London. The kids were eagerly anticipating their collection from the station. The fridge was waiting to be fed with wholesome food. I had put some vases by the sink to be filled with inviting blooms. My nose was considering a welcoming aroma for the oil burner. And I had booked a waltz with the vacuum cleaner.

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All Ears

I’ve been doing a little experiment lately: Every time one of the children chooses to confide in me, I do my utmost best to remain all ears. This simple mindfulness test has turned out to be more challenging than I had initially anticipated, yet also more rewarding.

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Still Chaos

Our kids are at an age where they can endlessly enjoy full-on creative play. (Long may it last!) Usually, our 6-year old imagines herself a school teacher, a mother or a vet with all of the required outfit changes, appointments and diary writings. Our 4-year old, on the other hand, is currently all about construction toys.

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Uniform Praise

Capsule wardrobes are gaining momentum. Hurrah for that. It’s about time our obsession with fast fashion wakes up to the horrible reality of the people who make the cheap clothes and the terrible waste impacting our environment. But for now, I’d like to remain focused on why a capsule wardrobe truly deserves to be popular.

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Celebrate Silence

In my husband’s British family conversation is not the default. Apart from the occasional rustle of newspaper, my first breakfast at his parents’ house was consumed in silence. Of course I knew there would be cultural differences to learn to accept and celebrate, but this was a tough one to crack.

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Family Portrait


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